Education Planning

According to StatsCan, in the last 5 years the average annual undergraduate tuition fees in Canada for full time students rose by 17.7% to $5,366. That means a three-year undergraduate program will cost an average of $16,098 for tuition alone. And that is just the average. Many programs saw their tuition fees rise noticeably more...

Business Management and Public Administration +23.2%
Engineering +24.1%
Law +24.8%
Dentistry +28.0%
Veterinary Medicine +37.1%
Pharmacy +129.8%


In the 2012/2013 tuition year, we can expect the average tuition in Canada for law, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy to be over $10,000/year. You can check the five year trends for all disciplines for OntarioManitobaSaskatchewanAlberta, and British Columbia by clicking on the respective province.

Planning for your child's post-secondary education can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are federal and provincial grant programs to help with that process and RESPs. Your education plan helps you maximize the benefits of these grant programs and helps you to prepare your children for the day they strike out on their own in the world.