My career in Financial Services has drawn me across Western Canada. After graduating from the University of Manitoba in the spring of 1995 with a degree in Finance, I started my career in Vancouver as an independent life insurance agent with clients in Manitoba and British Columbia. This proved to be a challenge that almost bankrupted me.

During this early stage in my professional development, I learned several lessons about banks, money, and myself. A year and a half later, I received an offer to join Rice Financial in Brandon, Manitoba, and jumped at the opportunity. I had learned a hard lesson about how difficult it can be to start a financial career as an independent advisor.

It was during my time at Rice Financial that I truly learned the importance of delivering on a promise. Four years after joining the company, I was a Certified Financial PlannerTM charter holder. I was then transferred to the Calgary office and took on the additional responsibilities of being the branch manager and the provincial compliance officer for Alberta. Three years later I came back to Manitoba, this time to look after Rice Financial's $1.8 billion term deposit business and, eventually, their $2.0 billion investment fund business.

Eleven years after joining Rice Financial, I felt my development had peaked and I accepted an offer from Equitable Life to be a wholesaler for their investment products in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. My duties included training advisors about Equitable Life's line-up of investment products.

During my tenure at Equitable Life I realized that I belonged "out in the trenches", helping everyday Canadians. I wanted to provide professional financial planning, responsible advice, and superior customer service and disclosure. After 3 years with Equitable Life and 14 years in the corporate world, I returned to my passion—helping Canadians understand the basics of responsible money management and financial planning.